The Plan

The purpose of Humans@Western is to tell the fascinating and inspiring stories of the people at Western University. The school is home to more than 30,000 people, each with their own story to tell. This group’s aim is to find three fascinating and inspiring stories to tell using multimedia content.


The specific focus of this Humans@Western group is to tell the human stories connected with significant pieces of architecture at Western University. With 82 buildings on campus, choosing just three to focus on was no easy task. To help narrow the focus, we restricted our focus to those with a futuristic, innovative or historical significance.

Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel Laboratory


RWH_0589The BLWTL was founded in 1965 and features a total of five wind tunnel testing areas. This includes two state-of-the-art tunnels for testing the aerodynamic properties of tall buildings, bridges and other structures. The lab is a leader in the Wind Engineering field, and led the development of the study of wind effects on buildings and structures.

Cronyn Observatory

RWH_0553The Cronyn Observatory was opened Friday, October 25th, 1940, in honour of the late Hume Blake Cronyn. It’s currently home to three telescopes, which were some of the largest in the world when they were first manufactured. The observatory regularly holds public events, inviting members of the London community to gaze upon the galaxy.

University College

RWH_0494University College is the image most often associated with Western University, having appeared on the old logo. The main building was completed in 1922, but with two additions in 1962, and 1967, it sits at more than 120,000 sqft. The building is undergoing extensive renovations to revitalize the space to ensure future generations can enjoy it.